Pneumatic (air Conveyor) device with blower assemp by for feeding of Green Coffee in to the roasting drum. Hopper fixed with a Coffee Feeding Controller. Fixed with double suction fan unit nd with sheet metal pipes connected to the roastiang drum by flanges.

Required Power:  2 HP Electric Motor

oasting Drum:

The roasting cylinder is double walled and specially insulated with stainless steel Material. Fixed with special worm type ‘leaves’ for uniform roasting of coffee in the stream of hot air. All levers and sight glass is fitted on the roasting drum for close monitoring of the roasting process.

Required Power:  1 HP Gear Motor.


Burner Assembly:

Specially designed Gas burner gives uniform heating.



The smoke & Dust blower is connected by flanges to the cyclone by pipes. The cyclone has a husk discharge door and smoke outlet pipe.

Required Power:  1 HP Electric Motor.

Cooling Car:

Fabricated in M.S. & Stainless Steel fitted with ‘Cooling Leaves’ which is shaft driven by a gear wheel. The cooling car has perforated sheet on top and enclosed in the sides with stainless steel to speed up the cooling process. A blower is provided to suck in the hot air and coffee dust.

Required Power: 2 HP Electric Motor & ½ HP Gear Motor.


Destoner + Silo:

The destoner is installed besides the cooling car and receives the cooled roasted coffee through its hopper. This unit is connected to the silo. Special regulators and a discharge unit is fitted to the destoner thereby only the roasted coffee falls into silo and stones and other impurities remain trapped in the destoner itself.